The Aziscohos Lake Preservation Commitee

The Aziscohos Lake Preservation Council


Bat Roosting Census at Aziscohos, first counts 2010
- Don Green

Environmental Impact Study

02, the Aziscohos Lake Preservation Council (then known as the Aziscohos Lake Preservation Committee) commissioned a comprehensive environmental impact study on Aziscohos and Parmachenee Lakes. The study was completed in March 2003 and a report of findings released.

To download this report in PDF format, click here - (size 57MB)

Ongoing Loon Study

Each year, Florida Power and Light Electric, under the terms of their Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, commission an exhaustive study of the loon population on Aziscohos. For more than a decade, the Aziscohos Loons have been amongst the most studied in the world.

To download the most recent loon study in Word format, click here. (size 6MB)