The Aziscohos Lake Preservation Commitee

The Aziscohos Lake Preservation Council


April 19, 2012

Attended annual lake fill meeting in Oquossuc, hosted by Rangeley Lakes heritage Trust, and presented by Nextera Energy (formerly FPLE). Aziscohos is five feet below full pond, measured to the top of the splash boards, down three feet from the top of the dam. Despite the lack of snow and very little precipitation in April, Nextera is committed to filling all the lakes in the region. They are operating on reduced flows and will continue until the lakes are full. The ice went out of Aziscohos April 14th. There is no snow in the woods. All the streams are running lower than normal for the season. Only the Big Magalloway is providing a heavy flow, coming out of Parmachenee, which is still getting charged by snow melt toward the Canadian border.

Loon reproduction is well below historical averages on Aziscohos, as it is on most lakes and ponds throughout New England. At Aziscohos, the primary reason for fewer chicks fledging is predation. Both eggs and chicks are being eaten by mammals and Bald Eagles.


August 6, 2011

The annual meeting of the Aziscohos Lake Preservation Council was held at Bosebuck Mountain Camps. The program this year featured an author signing party with authors in attendance who have written about the area. The meeting was attended by approximately thirty-five enthusiastic supporters. After the book signing and a delicious lunch served by Mike and Wendy Yates, owners of Bosebuck, each of the authors gave a brief talk about their writing and their love for the area. The authors participating were:
Bob Romano North of Easie, Fishing with Faeries, and Shadows in the Stream

Richard “Mike” Gramly The Adkins Site, and Palaeo-Americans and Palaeo-Environment at the Vail Site, Maine

Bob Cook Chasing Danforth

Polly Johnston Once Upon a Memory

Bob Romano is a long-time camp owner on Aziscohos with his wife Trish. Bob is an avid flyfisherman. His three highly acclaimed books are rich in description of the waters and fish he loves in the upper Magalloway wilderness. His next book, West of Rangeley is due out in the spring and is a sequel to North of Easie

Mike Gramly’s archeological exploration and digs on Aziscohos and Ledge Ridge are legendary. For more than thirty years, Mike has explored, studied and analyzed the first hunters to visit the Magalloway 12,000 years ago. The evidence he has gathered, provides the most complete picture of the first Americans’ environment and how they lived. More than 15,000 artifacts have been recovered. Mike’s books and numerous papers for archeological journals document his historic work.

Bob Cook, a former camp owner on Parmachenee is working on his second book, a biography of Daniel Heywood and his journal “Diary of a Parmachenee Guide.” His first book, “Chasing Danforth” is a captivating biography of John Danforth, the ambitious and forward thinking entrepreneur and guide who opened and introduced the upper Magalloway wilderness to sportsmen. (At this time, Bob’s schedule is uncertain… his attendance is tentative.)

Polly Johnston, granddaughter of Bosebuck founder Perley Flint grew up at Bosebuck. Her memories of her childhood, her family and extended family at Bosebuck are rich and vivid in detail and photographs. Polly’s biography “Once Upon a Lifetime” brings us back to a simpler time in a special place.


Memorial Day 2011

During May and June, The Rangeley Higlander ran a four part series on the B17 Memorial on Deer Mountain, researched and written by Alan Johnson for Memorial Day. The story commemorates the lives and sacrifice of the ten young men who lost their lives, July 11, 1944, when the B17 they were flying to England crashed on Deer Mountain. A monument and flag was erected just over a decade ago near the site under the leadership of Michael Rozek from Berlin, NH. The story in its entirety can be found here: download PDF.



August 15th, 2009
The Annual Barbecue and ALPC Get-together

        On August 15th, 2009 under fair skies and finally! greatly improved summer weather, the Bosebuck Mountain Camps again hosted the Aziscohos Lake Preservation Council Barbecue and Silent Auction. Those attending the meeting came by all manner of watercraft,  as well as by vehicle.  The event was well attended with a number of new faces and as well a few old faces who have not attended in recent years.  It was a great time to get together to discuss the past, the present and the future with our neighbors.  

        After the delicious meal, prepared by Wendy Yates and her staff (who will forget the blueberry delight?) we concluded the Silent auction.  Many thanks to all those individuals who contributed items to the auction and many thanks to all those individuals that made the effort to attend the get together.  

        Following the auction, we convened our annual meeting of the ALPC.  Alan Johnson, our President,  reviewed the Council’s mission relative to the headwaters of the Magalloway and some of the history that gave rise to the creation of the Council and its efforts to create and maintain reasonable lake water tables.  We reviewed old business which included the current status of the petition to restrict the use of jet skis and personal watercraft on both Aziscohos and Parmachenee Lakes.  At the 2008 meeting, it was determined that it would be interesting and informative to determine and document the history of some of the early camps and their owners.  President Johnson called on camp owners for their recollections on individuals that contributed to Aziscohos Lake as it is today.  

        New Business for the meeting included the election of a new Board of Directors.  Adele Miller, chair of the nominating committee presented a slate of Directors to those in attendance.  It was discussed that there should be a director from Parmachenee. Once the situation settles on Parmachenee, Dave Lewellyn will contact Alan with a nomination from Parmachenee. The slate was then moved, seconded and unanimously approved. Elected as Directors were:

Alan Johnson   Dave Driscoll  Martha Gamble
Adele Miller   Ken Kimball  Faye Soderberg
Aleksandra Lutovsky  Mike Metcalf  Mike Yates
Sonny Couture 

         Also under new business,  Bayroot LLC’s decision to sell formerly leased lots on Aziscohos and Parmachenee was discussed by those present.  Bayroot LLC has given the lessees on Aziscohos and Parmachenee until a time certain in October to either exercise the offer to purchase the lots or to assign their right to purchase the lots to third parties who would also have to purchase the leasehold improvement from the lessees. Agreement to do so would proceed with a discounted price. 

        If Bayroot LLC decides to continue to lease certain lots to camp owners who decide not to buy by the designated October deadline , then the discount on the offer to purchase will likely be lost and the lease fee may likely rise dramatically.  

        The meeting adjourned around 3:30.  




Up, Down and Around Aziscohos and the Megalloway Valley

-Don Green-

Worming the Megalloway Among issues pursued by Aziscohos fishermen this fall was a proposal by Stephen Philbrick of Oquossoc, a Fisheries Advisory Committee member, to permit children up to 16 years of age to fish using worms in a quarter-mile section of the Megalloway below the dam. The section, in fact much of the salmon and trout holding sections of the Megalloway, has been fly-fishing-only for many years. The section in question is widely used by fly-fishermen and thus, is under considerable fishing pressure. Happily, fly fishermen are less likely to damage fish and more likely to release them than bait fishermen. ALPC members including Dave Driscoll, Ken Kimball, Don Green and Alan Johnson, joined with others among them, Fern Bosse, Gary Corson and Kris Robin who wrote letters concerning the proposal. In fact 85% of the comments to the Advisory Board were opposed to this change. Unfortunately, this change was approved.

Winter Parmachenee Road access For may years winter access to the lake by ALCA campers and hunting lease-holders has been possible by parking along the Parmachenee Road and walking across the frozen lake. This winter, campers doing so were told that they could not continue to park, presumably, because of lumbering activities. They were encouraged to go to Bosbuck. Since there had not been any complaint to parking in thirty years to my knowledge, I objected. I discussed the matter with campers, and found a receptive ear with Paul Hodsdon who discussed the matter with the land agent and road lessees. The matter was settled by preparing a small off-road parking area along the Parmachennee Rd. A satisfactory solution to all. Many kudos to Paul.

Spring-time Road Conditions The winter was a pretty snowy affair but lumbering on the east side of the lake, at least, had ceased last fall. It had been the major factor in really poor road conditions. With new roadwork, clean-up of log loading areas and culvert construction, the road was in much better condition than in the past three years. In the spring it was in excellent condition. It thawed and dried out quickly and was easily usable by early May. The biggest weather factor has been the cool temperatures and no-stop rain.




November 4, 2008

Mr. Steven Philbrick
PO Box 332
Oquossoc, ME 04964

Dear Mr. Philbrick:
On behalf of the Aziscohos Lake Preservation Council, I object to the proposal to allow children to fish with worms on even a small stretch of the Magalloway River in Wilsons Mills. It has taken many years of fly fishing only and voluntary “catch and release” to re-establish the Magalloway River as a preeminent wild Brook Trout fishery, a jewel worth preserving in the Upper Androscoggin and Magalloway wilderness watersheds.

I find it commendable that there are parties interested in finding ways to promote and encourage youth to take an interest in outdoor activities, especially fishing and hunting. The Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsman’s Association has developed many wonderful programs to accomplish this purpose. The proposal on the table to allow worm fishing on the Magalloway is on the other hand ill-conceived and poorly thought-out. The potential for abuse, the damage to the fishery and the low mortality of released fish from bait hooks are reason enough to seek better alternatives.

Thank you for considering the perspective of the Aziscohos Lake Preservation Council, the Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsman’s Association and the vast majority of interested individuals who adamantly oppose this proposal.

Alan W. Johnson, President
Aziscohos Lake Preservation Council





The Maine State Moose Hunt season was in full swing last week when I visited my camp. Three moose had been shot near the ALCA camps. One of these was taken by Courtney Trafford (pictured), a granddaughter of Faye Walker and the late Bob Walker. The permit holder is Courtney who is 15 years old and, as the accompanying picture testifies, is proud as a peacock. She was assisted in the hunt by other members of the Walker and Draper Clans. Another equally large bull was displayed briefly at Arthur and Gail Goss's camp by out of state hunters whom Art had oriented.

It is good to know that the traditional hunting skills continue in our youngest members. - Don Green


On August 16th, the management and staff of the Bosebuck Mountain Camps again hosted the Bar-B-Q for the benefit of the Aziscohos Lake Preservation Council. While the weather did not cooperate with the event, Mike and Wendy’s staff could not have been more supportive.

The Bar-B-Q and “Silent Auction” gives camp owners an opportunity to visit with neighbors and a chance to meet other camp owners. We were pleased to see some of our fellow camp owners from Parmachenee at the event. There have been a few changes in ownership of camps and it was nice to see some new faces this year’s event.

A petition to restrict the use of personal watercraft on Parmachenee and Aziscohos Lakes has been drafted and signed by a number of camp owners. The petition is currently at the Black Brook Cove Campground. We encourage camp owners to stop by the campground and sign the petition. There is presently a window of opportunity to present such a petition.