Area Man Has Lizard Brain

Your brain evolved by growing on top of itself. Down deep, back near the top of your spinal column, there’s a primitive part of your brain that controls some basic but important functions: your Lizard Brain. 

So the Lizard is always in the room, often causing trouble with his tireless calls to procreate, eat, fight, and run away. But you can tame your Lizard Brain with self-honesty.

For instance. Let’s say you’re in the grocery store and a lady, an attractive lady, opens the door to the freezer. Let’s just say she’s wearing a thin white cotton tank-top and when the rush of cold air hits her upper body, certain bits start to appear through the cloth. Your lizard brain might say, excuse me, would it be Ok if I gave them a little squeeze? Like I did with the avocados? Just to see if they’re ripe? That’s when you check yourself and remember that’s your Lizard Brain talking.

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