January Has Got Us By The Nads

January 1st, 2022. On how many levels did last year suck? What’s next? Locusts? All I know is I feel rotten. But it’s January, and time for a stark and sober look. 

How, my friends, are we going to navigate this landscape? It’s starting to look a bit like Mordor. A few tools are going to come in handy this new year. 

Philosophy will be a big help. Not just reading it, but putting it to test. When Zeno lost his entire fortune in a shipwreck, he founded Stoic Philosophy. When Marcus Aurelius lost at ping-pong, he was unfazed. 

What else? Be extra kind to humans. Get outside. Build something cool. Join me this month as I explore this new world. I’ll include photos, videos, and music, so check back soon. 

Respectfully Submitted, 


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